Using STEAM To Understand The Sexual Reproduction of Plants

Students created models of incomplete dominance – pattern of inheritance in which alleles from both parents are blended & codominance – pattern of inheritance in which both alleles of a gene are expressed, Their STEAM projects identified the male and female organs of a flower. Students also provided peer feedback to their peers, to help them improve their work.

STEAM Artist: Gabriel

             Incomplete Dominance

STEAM Artist: Osose                              Codominance                            STEAM Artist: Jerell

Codominance                                                                                       Incomplete Dominance

Codominance                     STEAM Artist: Junior

STEAM Artists:                           Givanni                                        Simon

Codominance                       Incomplete Dominance


  STEAM Artist: Kyle         STEAM Artist: Damanique                                     Incomplete Dominance


STEAM Artist: Arnelie