S.T.E.A.M Comes to BSEA: Students Present Their Models

Students Share & Provide Feedback on Modeling Project:

Everyone knows about STEM, but do you know about STEAM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math?  The world of science could never exist without Art. Working collaboratively with Ms. Morgera, our Arts teacher, our 7th graders created scientific models to explain their understanding of the universe, galaxies, stars, our solar system & our planet.

For centuries scientist have utilized the talent of artist to document their findings and research. Scientist such as Charles Darwin were artist themselves, who captured detailed likeness of various organisms which lead to numerous theories such as the theory of evolution.

images darwin_finchesimages-1

In Mrs. Jennings science classes her 7th graders are continuing in the footsteps of Mr. Darwin by creating models of what they are learning about the Universe, our Galaxies, our Solar System, Earth and our Sun. Students shared how creating a model helped them to better understand the information they learned:

IMG_3653The Butterfly Galaxy – Artist: Mya

IMG_3761                                                                     How a star become a Black Hole – Artist: Jerell

IMG_3762                                                                      Our Solar System. Artist -Georetta

IMG_3760 IMG_3759                                                                          A Star is Born. Artist: Kyle

IMG_3764                                                                       Our Solar System & The Kuiper Belt. Artist: Rodney

IMG_3768Our Solar SystemIMG_3766                                                                   Pluto in the Kuiper Belt – Artist: Simon

IMG_3771                                                                      The Galaxies  – Artist: Junior


The Earth & it’s Distance From the Sun – Artist Jaheim

Essential Question: Does creating a model about what you are learning or studying help you to better understand the subject or topic?

I t does, because when you build or design something you might have to go on the internet and look at information that can help you. – Givanni

Yes, because then you would have a better understanding of the topic – Chrispin

Creating a model explains my learning. – Mekaylah

Yes it helped because I was able to actually make what I was thinking …into reality -Savanna

The model helps you to understand the things about it, like its size – Sebastian

Yes, crafting the model helped to understand the lesson, because I can see what we are learning. – Jayden

Creating a model of what I am learning helps me because it shows me what we are doing. – Jamar

Creating a model does help me to better understand the project because I can have a mistake, and I can always fix it…when I think of something I have to make it just right. – Brandon

No, because I still won’t understand what I am modeling. – Nikolas