Organ System Project Due November 14

Student selected and organ system or had one assigned to them. Based on the organ system selected, students will work with their groups to complete the following:

Option 1:

  1. Write a lesson plan to teach your classmates about your organ system. Your lesson should follow the following outline:                                                                                                              a) State the Learning Target (LT): Using the objective that is found in your organ information handout write the learning target for your lesson: If you are teaching about the Immune System,  an example of your Learning Target could be – I can explain the difference between natural immunity and acquired immunity. Time 5 minutes to review the LT in class. You need only one learning target.
  2. State the Essential Questions: This should include at least 1-2 questions that you will focus and answer during your lesson. Example: What is Immunity? What are antibodies?
  3. 1st Activity: Explain the activity that you will ask your students to do at the start of the class. Example: after answering the questions do a Turn & Talk – talk to your partner and share your information. Your 1st activity can include anything that you want your classmates to complete. Time 5 minutes
  4. Your Less0n: Your lesson must explain to your classmates what your system does. This section is what you & the members in your group are going to teach the class. Work together to explain how you will do this? there are several options: students can complete a read along from a hand out, engage in a game to learn about the system, copy notes from a powerpoint or video that explains your system ( this is a work that you created) etc. Your lesson should be for 10- 15 minutes only. Everyone in your group should have a role (all should speak during the presentation).
  5. Exit ticket. Explain how you will know that your classmates learned about your system. You can ask them to complete an exit ticket, collect a worksheet that they worked on or share what they learned during the class. Students will complete your exit ticket after the close or your lesson.
  6. Your written lesson is due 24 hours before you present.

    Option 2

    Each member in your group will write a 5 paragraph informative essay that explains what they learned about this system. Your essay should include an introduction that introduces your system (1st paragraph) and explains the function of your organ system (what is it’s job). The 2nd paragraph should explain the names of all the organs that are in your system, along with a diagram to show where the organs are found in the body. The 3rd paragraph will explain the functions of each organ, how they come together to help this organ system to function well. The fourth paragraph should explain, what can happen to the body if this organ system malfunctions  or stops working. The 5th and last paragraph will include a summary of your organ system and what you learned about this system. Include a bibliography on a separate page. As a group you will share your essays with the class, when you present what you have learned. The presentation format is totally up to you.

  7. Groups must select option 1 or option 2, you can’t do both.
  8. Students working alone can select either option as well, they can’t do both.

Your lesson plans or  essays are due the day that your group presents.

You will receive a grade for your essay,  a group grade for presenting your lesson or essay & a grade for your groups written lesson plan ( if you did a lesson). Site all the sources that you used when writing your essay as well as your presentation & lesson plan.

All materials for this project were given in class. For further research please use the folders that are available in class or you can use this website. You will receive time in class the week of November 6th to complete this work.


    You are not allowed to use Wikipedia – this is not a reliable source.