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Welcome to our Articles & Homework locator. All homework will be posted on this site and students can track all homework assigned even if they are absent. Students are responsible for completing all homework regardless of absences. Homework is designed to support classwork, it is not a substitute to doing classwork. All homework should be completed in student notebooks and is due on the next class day.

Homework readings are assigned to help students learn about a new topic or to support a unit. There are several reading levels in parentheses after the title of each article. The reading levels are as follows: Level A readings are K5 grades or lower, B level readings are 6-7 grade levels. C level readings are 8-9th grade levels, students should use a dictionary) . Students should complete all homework regardless of reading levels. New vocabulary words (words students read for the 1st time or don’t understand) should be documented in the back of their notebooks with word definitions.

7th Grade Summer Readings:

Unit 1: Geology

1a) Creation of the World – Hebrew: Homework 1

Creation of the World- American Indian : – Homework 1

Creation of the World – Africa: Homework 1

Homework # 2 – Video Ring of Fire – review video section or your class section for specific questions to answer.

Homework # 3 – Final draft Habits & Goals Worksheet

Homework # 4 – Complete all note taking section of your notes.

Homework # 5 – Note Taking / Note Making – BrainPop : Solar System

Homework # 6 – Using classroom readings, videos & BrainPop videos Create a model that explains your understanding of only one (1) of the following:

  1. A model of the spiral, elliptical & irregular galaxy. Your model of these galaxies must include an essay that explains the objects that are found in each galaxy.
  2. A model that explains & shows the sequence of how a Star (Sun) is created. Your model must include an essay that explains how a sun is created.
  3. A Model that explains & shows the sequence of how a Dwarf Sun becomes a Black Hole. Your model must include an essay that explains the sequence of how a dwarf sun becomes a black hole.
  4. A model that explains & shows the location of the sun and the planets in our solar system. Your model must include an essay that explains the distance of each planet from the sun, a description of the environment of each planet. This essay must explain how scientist defines a planet.
  5. A model of planet earth only. Your model must include an essay that explains the distance of planet Earth from the sun, a description of the environment of our planet and an explanation of why this planet is the only one to contain living organisms.




1a) What is a rock? –

1b) History of Planet Earth (B level): Classwork


1c) From the Earth to Outer Space:

from_the_earth_to_outer_space.pdf .pdf student

1d) The Power of the Earth (A level):

1e) Earth Science Pangaea (A level):

earth_science_pangaea_0.pdf student

1f) Learning about Volcanoes:

1 ) How Rocks are Like Desserts.

how_rocks_are_like_dessert.pdf student

2) A Modern Pompei:

3) Rock, Rumble Roar :

rock_rumble_roar.pdf student

4) Earth rocks! (A level): 

earth_rocks.pdf student

 5) What is a Rock (A level): 

what_is_a_rock.pdf student

6) Big News About Old Rocks (B Level) : 

big_news_about_old_rocks.pdf student

7) Hard Rocks (B level): Read the following story/

Answer the questions: hard rocks questions file_5196.pdf student

8) Water a Give & Take (B level): 

water_a_give_and_take_0.pdf student

9) Tornado Scientist (B level):

10) A Dangerous landslide (A level):

11) Watch for Steady Rocks : 

watch_for_steady_rocks.pdf student

11a) Mountains (A level):

12) Will Human Life Come to an End on Earth:

13) Different Forms of Water (B Level):

14) Everyday Energy (C Level):

15) Processes: Complicated relationships between living creatures & inorganic materials such as rocks and minerals.

16) The Rise of Oxygen in the Earths Atmosphere:

17) An Introduction to Weather (A level):

18) How Glaciers Changed the Earth (A level):

19) Water on the Earth (C level):

20) Earthquakes Tremors from Bellow (A level):

20 a) Earthquakes (A level):

21) Is the Earth Getting Warmer? (B Level) : is_the_earth_getting_warmer_0-2 student

22) Water is everything (C level) :

23) Hurricanes (A level): earth_science_hurricanes_0 student

24) New York Building “Going Green” (C level): new_york_buildings_going_green student

25) Earth’s Moon (A level):

26) Space Junk (B level): space_junk_1130_passage_and_questions_0 student

27) Learning about Earth (A level) :

28) Solar Absorbers and the Future of Electricity (B level): solar_absorbers_and_the_future_of_electricity student

29) Plate Tectonics and Large Scale System Interactions (A level):

our_changing_earth_plate_tectonics_and_large_scale_system_interactions student

30) Mount Pinatubo and The Ring of Fire (C level): mount_pinatubo_and_the_ring_of_fire student

31) Tornadoes (A level):

32) Volcanoes (A level):

33) Fuels of the Future (B Level):

34) Floods (A level):

35) Explore our Solar System (A level):

36) Energy for Life (A level):

37) Longest and Shortest Days (A level) :

38) Take Care of Our Planet (A level):

39) The Power of the Wind (A level):

40) The Whys of Weather The Colors of the Rainbow: Adapted from a Native American -Legend:

41) Monster of the North – An expedition to the Arctic has uncovered a giant sea reptile:

42) The Variety of Maps (Active Volcanoes, Plate Tectonics, and “The Ring of Fire”:

43) The Cooling from the Warmth of Nature – Solar Power (C level) :

44) Waves and Water (A level) :


Teacher Resources:

A Playground Problem”


Unit 2

Eco Pyramid :

What Mitosis has to do with families:

Honey to the Bee (A level):

Worldwide Loss of Bees a Growing Consern(B level)

Hard Times for Honey Bees (A level):

Ecosystem of the Forest:

Two Sets Build Difference (bird genetic materials) (C level):

Wetlands & Habitat Loss (C level):

The American Chestnut (trees):

All the Pieces Matter (ecosystems):

A Ton of Trash:

Heat Energy and Bicycling in New York City (B level):

What the Big Idea about Marine Biology? Creatures and Ecosystems in the Ocean (A level):

The Short‐Term Impact of the Zebra Mussel Invasion (B level):

Wonderful World of Wasps (A level) :