Videos / Movies Unit 1: Geology

Final Project: Unit 1

Thinking of creating a student video as your final project?, well check out this interesting episode of “Teen Kids”. This episode can inspire you when designing your episode of “The Rock Cycle”.

If you would like to create your own “Teen Kids” episode to explain your understanding of the rock cycle please speak to Mrs. Jennings no later than December 7, 2015.

How do different natural phenomena change the surface of the Earth over time?

Ethiopia: Volcanoes

Volcanic Eruption @ Voragine


How are sedimentary rocks formed?

What is a meteorites?

To what extent do natural occurrences affect the Earth over time?

9/30/15 Classwork:  Create a T chart for taking notes and making notes from the videos. Note taking are notes from the video and note making are any questions, ideas, comments or connections that you might have about the information in the videos.

The Ring of Fire (Source: History Channel) – Homework 3               Due Date: October 5, 2015

Watch the entire video (44 minutes). Write two paragraphs when answering each question. Answer question # 8 and ANY 2 of the questions bellow. You are answering a total of 3 questions.

  1. What is the Ring of Fire? explain in detail, provide locations, where it is found, the names of countries, states, locations etc. found in the Ring of Fire.
  2. Why is Alaska a perfect laboratory for volcanologist to conduct their research?
  3. Why do scientist study volcanoes?
  4. Describe the shape of a Stratovolcano? explain why these volcanoes are considered the “most” dangerous volcanoes in the world.
  5. Where does Carbon12 (C12) come from? Explain the organism that absorbs C12 and where they are found.
  6. What is subduction? Explain what the force & energy from subduction creates. Be specific.
  7. Explain how killer tsunamis are formed.
  8. How does the Ring of Fire change the the surface of the Earth over time. Be specific, provide evidence from the movie.
    Geology – National Geographic: 1hr 30 min

Solar System History- 44 minutes

Earth Orbits

What are the Reasons for Our Seasons?

The sun’s energy is transferred through outer space by the means of radiation. The light energy travels in a straight line all the way from the sun. The parts of Earth that are angled away from the light receive the energy but indirectly which means that the light energy is spread out and not concentrated as much as when the light is more direct. Therefore, when light is more direct it is more concentrated and will cause a greater temperature increase because more energy was transferred to that location. See diagram below.

Gr7 U5.4 Act 1 Direct v Indirect Sunlight


Radiation Wave

Cosmic Voyage

The Biggest Stars in The Universe

Sun Shadow Time Lapse

Geography: What is a Volcano- 3:13 minutes

BBC – Super Volcanoe – 40:24 minutes


BBC History of Extreme Weather: Killer Storms & Cruel Winters

National Geographic- Colliding Continents

Pompeii: The Last Day