MidWinter Technology Homework. Online Course on EverFi.com

Midwinter Online Course: 306 African American History –

Completion due date 2/22/16

Completion of this course results in a grade as well as a certification in African American History.

306—African-American HistoryTM is EverFi’s digital course exploring the lives, stories, and lessons of African-Americans throughout history. 306 brings history to life for students through immersive and engaging learning content that goes beyond just the facts of history, bringing out the themes, narratives, and geographic concepts that provide important context and frameworks for students to analyze historical events. Students, teachers and school systems benefit from 306 in a number of ways:

  • −  306 helps students of all abilities to interact with the concepts, texts, themes, and events of African-American history through scaffolded activities and content.
  • −  306 is built on EverFi’s cutting-edge learning platform, providing teachers with in-depth assessment tools for gauging and tracking student learning and progress.
  • −  306 provides in-depth digital learning experiences to students without a heavy burden of planning and classroom management for teachers.
  • −  306 cultivates the skills laid out in the Common Core State Standards, helping districts and teachers to provide students the instruction they need to prepare for college and careers, and to perform well on end-of- year tests.

Lego Robotics online Course: Radius – Math and CodingTM

While today’s teens are surrounded by technology, we face a stark and imminent shortage of graduates pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) related fields. In fact, data shows that U.S. students are falling behind their global peers in these technical skills – and in their likelihood of pursuing STEM careers.

EverFi, Inc.’s latest digital learning platform, Radius – Math & CodingTM, is a 10-hour, 16-module online curriculum.

  1. Radius immerses middle and high school students in a stimulating learning environment where they assume a secret agent identity and are responsible for delivering a package to the president.Along the way, students will learn and apply math skills to solve real-world challenges, such as repairing a bridge using linear equations and decoding encrypted messages. Each mission includes basic coding and HTML exercises that build upon one another.Upon completing each module, students are assessed in their new skill areas and exposed to a variety of potential career opportunities that leverage the lessons the student has just learned.
    • −  Designed for a 1:1 student computer experience. Each student has a unique username and password and proceeds through the online course individually.
    • −  16 modules, each 30-45 minutes long. Cumulative course time is estimated to be between 8 to 10 hours of computer seat time.
    • −  Maps to key math Common Core standards, as well as to select ELA common core standards.
    • −  Modules generally structured as follows:
      o Explanation/learning of new conceptso Hands-on activity to reinforce the new concepts
      o Matching/recognition activity
      o Computer science lesson to reinforce how to automate the concept o Assessment
      o Presentation of relevant STEM careers.