EverFi 306 Certified! “Building The Next Generation of Dreamers”

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In celebration of Black History Month and academic excellence the following students completed an online course to help them learn and better understand the history of Africans around the world and in America. Starting with the Trans Atlantic Slave trade to the Civil Rights movement, students will utilize this information to explore the diversity of genes as it relates to sickle cell anemia. Please join us in celebrating their determination, persistence and academic excellence, as well as their compliance to increase our utilization of technology in our classrooms:

Class 701

Mya B
Malachi B
Simon B
Gabriel D
Roldy G
Gabriel K
Terri M
Jerell S
Kaela S
Christon S
Kyle T

Class 702

Osose  A
Jonathan  C
Amaya  D
David  G
Sherell  H
Jataj  J
Junior  J
Justin  M
Kashae  M
Brandon  P
Shiyah  P
Christina R
Nia  S
Georetta S
Alyssa  W
Jamar  W                                                                                                                                      Erris Mc


Class 703

Rodney J-K
Benard B
Nikolas B
Savanna C
Tamala G                                                                                                                                Rashaud Mc
Mekaylah M