EverFi Radius Certified! Building the Next Generation of Programers!

Most schools celebrate an “hour of code”  a school wide program designed to encourage teachers to introduce programing to their students  for one hour. At BSEA we  challenged the students in our Robotics Crew to complete 10 hours of programming by completing an online course in and out of school!

EverFi, Inc.’s latest digital learning platform, Radius – Math & CodingTM, is a 10-hour, 16-module online curriculum that addresses the following STEM need:

  • −  Providing students with foundations of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
  • −  Teaching students basic fundamentals of computer science and coding
  • −  Sparking student interest in STEM careers – and providing them with the educational foundation they need to pursue them

The following students have completed their Radius course. Please join us in congratulating their persistence, effort and dedication as they became Radius Certified!

Benard B – Class 703
Jonathan C – Class 702
Raphael E – Class 701
Jataj J – Class 702
Brandon – Class 702
Jewell S – Class 701
Kyle T- Class 701
Tyrese J- Class 703
Denzel H – Class 703
Wayne W – Class 703


Students are not the only ones who completed their STEM Certification. Congratulations to Mrs. Jennings for completing her STEM Certification as well.