The Energy in My Life Project – Due March 1, 2017

Part 1

Using information discussed in class (only) such as experiments, videos, discussions & handouts create a visual representation of all the different forms of energy that was defined and explain in class.

Your project can take the shape of a concept map that clearly identifies the type of energy and the drawing or pictures that represents this form of energy. Use arrows to explain how different energies are connected to one another. For example a picture of the sun could represent solar energy. Solar energy is used to power electrical energy that our homes use to power various objects such as a stove that uses electrical energy but also provides thermal energy when used to heat up water.

Outside websites or sources must not be used to define the various forms of energy. You do not have to print pictures to complete this project. You can use cut outs from any magazine, such as the magazines provided in class or you can draw a picture to illustrate the various forms of energy.

Part 2:

Write a three-paragraph essay (Introduction, body, conclusion) to explain all the forms of energy in your concept map and explain how they are connected.

Your concept map and essay is due on Wednesday March 1, 2017. No late work will be accepted. Any supplies such as poster paper or magazines that you need to complete this project can be obtained from school.

Please follow all directions given in class. Your project must be able to fold into four sections as demonstrated in class.