Congratulations to our Graduates: NYC Junior Ambassadors Present Their Climate Change Research @ The Queens Museum

Working collaboratively Ms. Jennings, Science Teacher & Ms. Morgerra, Art Teacher worked with the 1st graduating class of NYC Junior Ambassadors to assist students in presenting their Climate Change Posters at the Queens Museum on June 21, 2016. These posters were designed  to bring social awareness about Climate Change and world solutions to using excessive fossil fuels:





Junior & Jerell speaks to U.S Ambassador, Samantha Power, and explain their posters about climate change & along with their artist statements:


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Time For Selfies!



More Social Awareness Posters:

IMG_5240Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 7.13.58 PM IMG_5410IMG_5405 IMG_5394IMG_5295 IMG_5296IMG_5223

Thank you to all our parents and friends who joined us for the Graduation of the 1st cohort class of  NYC Junior Ambassadors!

IMG_5393IMG_5301         IMG_5203   IMG_5207

Before graduating as the 1st cohort of NYC Junior Ambassadors, students toured the museum & enjoyed the days events.


Ms. Jennings takes a selfie with two Junior Ambassadors & stops to pose with Mrs. Stanley & Ms. Morgera.

NYC Junior Ambassadors waiting for their graduation ceremony.

IMG_5246   IMG_5251     IMG_5210IMG_5256 IMG_5218

Students during a snack break at the event:


Congratulations to all our graduates, the following students completed all requirements of Junior Ambassadorship and showed great team spirit and social awareness about the importance of understanding and educating our community about climate change:

Simon B.
Kaitlyn E.
Gabriel K.
Arnelie L.
Justin M.
Ayobami M.
Terri M.
Jason P.
Savanna C.
Christen S.                                                                                                                                                      Jonathan C.

Jerell S.
Kaela S.
Heaven S.
Kyle T.
Kashea M.
Rashaud M.
Mekaylah M.
Iesha M.
Sherell H.
Justin M.
Brandon P.
Alyssa W.
Jamar W.
Junior J.
Georgetta S.
Denzel H.
Wayne W.