Mrs. Jennings Visits The United Nations

On behalf of Mayor Bill De Blasio and the Selection Committee Ms. Penny Abeywardena, Commissioner welcomed Mrs. Jennings and  ten other teachers as NYC Junior Ambassador Educators. Over 70 educators from across New York City competed in the fall 2015 to join NYC Junior Ambassadors. In a letter to Mrs. Jennings, Ms. Abeywardena stated that Mrs. Jennings was “selected based on the strength” of her application and the unique approach she proposed for teaching about the United Nations. This cohort of teachers comprise of eleven classrooms from schools and afterschools programs. Mrs. Jennings spent the a wonderful day at the UN where she was able to network with several teachers and learn about the history of the United Nations and receive specific resources tailored to the energy and climate curriculum she will be designing for her students, as they conduct field research at the UN and in their classrooms. .

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BSEA Science Students Become NYC Junior Ambassadors


Congratulations ! One 7th grade class will be selected to participate as United Nations NYC Junior Ambassadors. This is a wonderful opportunity for Mrs. Jennings to work with the Mayor’s Office for International Affairs, in order to teach her students about the “United Nations as a way of helping them understand the connections between themselves, their city, and the world at large”. A total of 35 students will be selected to participate in this program. The class with the best work compliance, behavior and passion to their work and our school community will be selected to participate and represent BSEA at the United Nations.

Time Line of Events are:

* Educators Welcome/ Training Meeting January 2016
* NYC Junior Ambassadors classroom visit to the UN February – March 2016
* Diplomats visit to NYC Junior Ambassador Classrooms March – April 2016
* Educators Mid-Year Reflection Meeting March 2016
* Cohort Year-End Celebration May 2016
* Educators End of Year Reflection Meeting June 2016

Go BSEA Science!