Bridge Timeline Project – Due January 10, 2018

A timeline is a chronological explanation of the development of a process or events that occurred in history. Students will create a timeline with explanations of events that explains the invention & construction of bridges in history.


Students will construct a timeline that will span from 200 AD Rome – 1883 NYC Brooklyn Bridge & beyond. Your sources will come from classroom readings, reliable sources listed on this classroom website, and the BPS  documentary that was viewed in class. A copy of this video is below. Your information will also come from the Bridge Expedition Journal where you were instructed to create notes and diagrams as part of your background research.


Bridges Trough History

Attached to your timeline will be an essay that develops a response to only one set of the following questions:

  1. How did the invention of the bridge change civilization in Rome 200 AD as well as in Brooklyn 1883 ? Explain the benefits and problems both civilizations encountered when constructing their bridges. Explain the types of bridges built during each time period. Explain how each designed balanced the forces of compression and tension.
  2. How did the discovery of iron, and other metals, change the design and construction of bridges during the industrial revolution? who were the creators of bridges during the industrial revolution? Why did people decide to use cast iron & metals to build bridges? what were the benefits to using such materials? what were some problems? discussed how engineers balanced the forces of compression and tension?
  3. How was the construction of the the Roman arched bridges different from the bridges built during the industrial revolution? provide a labeled diagram of both type of bridges. Explain how each designed balanced the forces of compression and tension.

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