BSEA Students Attend the Solar Plane Event at JFK

Solar Impulse: finding Harmony between Technology and Nature

Pilot André Borschberg reveals his thoughts behind his record-breaking journey to Newsweek:

“The aviation industry told us it was impossible to build an airplane that could fly day and night without a drop of fuel. In 2015, Solar Impulse proved that it could be done, and together with last week’s transatlantic flight, we proved that change is possible when we have the right mindset and are not afraid to push back our own limits.

Solar Impulse is a demonstration of energy efficiency and smart energy management, made possible thanks to all our partners’ technologies. It is also a great example of how technology today has become a great game changer in so many different ways. Who could have imagined, even a few decades ago, that such things as applications on our smartphones would transform the way we consume media, access information, navigate, conduct our personal banking, shop and even know what to wear in the morning? Solar Impulse would not exist if it were not for the technologies used during all phases of the project: designing and building the airplane and managing flight tests and missions”.

BSEA Students were invited by  Mr. Pompilio, Deputy Consul General, Consulate General of Switzerland to participate in this historic event at JFK. Ms. Jennings and other BSEA teachers escorted 72 BSEA 6th & 7th graders to meet and greet two wonderful pilots, Andre Borschberg & Bertrand Piccard. The pictures bellow are a small look at this wonderful day! Students were interviewed about their ideas on solar power, they obtained signs autographs of posters and souvenir red hats, and were allowed to take selfies with these courages pilots! This historical event provided several of our NYC Junior Ambassadors, the opportunity to further research alternative renewable energy for decreasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere. BSEA also received an artist rendering of this event as a gift from the Switzerland embassy. For more information on this historical event and to track the progress of this solar powered flight, please go to We at BSEA wish both pilots a safe journey as they continue their flight around the world and prove that the impossible is truly possible with skill, inspiration and determination!

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