6th Grade Timeline Project: History of Aviation – Due 1.18.18

A timeline is a chronological explanation of the development of a process or events that occurred in history. Students will create a timeline with explanations of events that explains the invention & construction of the airplane.


Students will construct a timeline that will span from 400 AD China – 2017 America  & beyond. Resources will come from classroom readings, reliable sources listed on this classroom website,  Brainpop & other videos.  A copies of the videos can be viewed on this website.



Attached to your timeline will be an essay that develops a response to only one set of the following questions:

Using information from your class notes, videos, readings & handout about the history of airplanes, choose only one set of question to answer.

Answer ONLY one question. Each question has multiple parts (a, b, & c).


  1. Who were the predecessors who inspired the Wright brothers, explain what they did? 1a. How did the Wright brothers use their information to help them build their first airplane? 1b. What problems were the Wright brothers able to solve that helped them to fly their plane with total control? 1c.Explain the controls of their airplane and how those controls helped them to maneuver their plane?
  2. What role did observation and research play in the development of the Wright brothers’ aircraft? 2a. Did the invention of the airplane improve how people traveled (transportation) from 1903 -2018, (give 3 or more examples)? 2b. How are modern day planes similar and different from the Wright brothers plane? 2c. Was the invention of the airplane good or bad for society (give specific examples)?
  3. Who were the Wright brothers? 3a. Where did they live? Explain why they are important to the field of aerodynamics. 3b. Describe their work, their inventions, and how their work changed how Americans were able to travel. 3c. Explain if the invention of the airplane was good or bad for the environment?